After a chance meeting involving sharp implements, glue, spray and mirrors, Zombi and Wolf started going on about their musical tastes. After talking with Dj Wolf about techniques Zombi could use, he and the aforementioned DJ decided to start Infected Noise Corporation. After realising this name did not represent what they were going for (ie sucked) they became Digital Anodyne.

Digital Anodyne tries to combine Zombi and Wolfs love of EBM, Powernoise, Aggrotech, Freeform, Psytrance, Drum and Bass, Industrial and Electro.


Zombi started his love with music at the age of 6 when he heard the heavy metal band Warlock. this started a 10 year love of heavy metal which morphed into a love of punk, industrial, EBM and Aggrotech which is still going strong today. He then decided it was about time that he did something with this love and started and occasionaly continues to DJ at the Hellfire club.

Zombi wanted to make his own version of Aggrotech fusing together the elements of Industrial, EBM and Freeform as well as paying homage to his favourite horror, sci fi, cult and trash films.

DJ Wolf

Around about the time Zombi was born, DJ Wolf started as a doorman then a dancer and finally realised the fame and the fortune was in Djing. He became one of the least known DJ's working in the Brisbane club scene. Taught the basics of Djing by DJ Parry and several DJ's called Pete from Wall Street, The Criterion amongst others, Wolf continued from the club scene to private gigs and various other venues.

With a love for early elctro/techno such as Kraftwerk, Devo, Nitzer Ebb, Depeche Mode, Front 242, Front Line Assembly and much more probably listed somewhere else no this site, he managed to get his paws on an old Kawai synth and a non descript drum machine and started making basic electro/techno in of all places, his garage. Never released a thing and never went any further than casettes to friends and later dodgy cd's.

So finally we come to meeting Zombi as previously described and so begins Digital Anodyne.